Ultratherm J-grade (heat shield/heat insulation paint)

Ceramic water-based insulation paint
Considering the global environment, energy saving, and CO2 reduction, Ultra therm
J-Grade boasts a track record as a heat insulating paint in various countries around the world.

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Coating specification

Iron part

Slate part

※1.The coating amount may change depending on the shape and material of the coated object, coating method, environment, etc.
2.Because the UT primer (for iron, slate) and UT top are organic solvent type, please do not use in places with poor ventilation or open flames.

Precautions for construction

・If rain is expected, avoid construction. In the unlikely event of rainfall, white foam will be generated in drains, etc., but this is because the surfactant (harmless) has flowed, so there is no worry.
・Before using any product, thoroughly stir it (especially the two-component type) and use it up within the pot life.
・Protect your eyes and skin from direct contact. If it gets in your eyes, wash with plenty of water and seek medical advice as soon as possible.
・Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for details.

Functional paint and Additive

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