Film performance

Ultra therm J-grade has cleared the drainage standard set by the Minister of the Environment, high safety is also proved by the inspection result of Japan Food Research Laboratories.

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■Measurement method
Implemented according to JIS K 5675 (How to obtain high solar reflectance for roofs).
■Specimen/Measurement result

(Remarks) Normally used white paint has a solar reflectance of about 80% and a long-wave reflectance of about 90%.
[Source: Architectural Handbook (Japan) Architectural Institute of Japan, 1980]


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■Temperature distribution data by thermography

The temperature of the roof surface of the factory where the heat insulation coating work has been carried out is measured by thermography (the temperature error with the contact thermometer is about 1%, and there is almost no relative temperature difference in the same field of view), and the heat insulation coating effect is achieved. As a result of the observation, it was found that the surface temperature of the heat insulating coating site was 35°C to 39°C, while the temperature of the unpainted site was about 49°C to 52°C. As a result, by coating “Ultra therm J-Grade”, it is possible to prevent heat from entering the factory, save energy in air conditioners (control of the heat island phenomenon) and improve the environment in the summer.

Heat insulation coating temperature comparison test

※Temperature inside the box can be improved by about 10℃


■Solar power generation data

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