Ultratherm J-grade (heat shield/heat insulation paint)

Ceramic water-based insulation paint
Considering the global environment, energy saving, and CO2 reduction, Ultra therm
J-Grade boasts a track record as a heat insulating paint in various countries around the world.

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Ultra therm J-grade insulation principles

Finer ceramic particles have upgraded the heat insulation effect, and the aesthetics of the back surface of the paint film has also been taken into consideration.

Ultra therm J-grade includes 4 types of ceramics have their respective roles and are mixed. One of the four types cuts infrared rays, two types have a reflection effect, and the other one has a heat insulation effect.

Ultra therm J-Grade uses bead-shaped micro vacuum ceramic particles.
Micro-vacuum ceramic particles are micron-sized vacuum ceramic reflective spheres that act as unique and effective insulation and reflectors.
This ceramic particle has a vacuum inside and does not conduct heat energy like a “thermos bottle” does. It refracts heat, reflects it and dissipates it.

Based on this principle, it suppresses the inflow of heat and the outflow of cooling energy in summer, and also suppresses the inflow of cold and the outflow of heating energy in winter to protect a comfortable environment throughout the year.

Ultra therm J-grade insulation effect data

The excellent heat insulation effect by the measurement result of the performance test supported by the ability.

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