Heavy Anti-Corrosive Paint (The marine application series)

“The Most Effective Long Rust-Resistant Paint for Protecting Ship Hulls”

Characteristics of NB COAR “Special Modified Epoxy Resin Paing”

The blend of special oligomer and epoxy resin achieves high adhesion with surfaces coated with various primers, as well as with various coatings exposed to adverse environments over long periods of time.

The special highly water and seawater resistant oligomer prevents corrosive substances such as moisture or oxygen from penetrating, exerting its high anti-corrosive properties for a long period of time.

Stress Relief
Because the special oligomer is chemically stable, it forms a strong coating preventing shrinkage. Any damage such as warpage, cracking or peeling will not appear for a long period of time.

Exposed Upper Deck / Exposed Upper Structures

(Modified Epoxy Urethane Resin Paint)

Cargo Hold

(Glass-Flake Mixed Modified Epoxy Resin Paint)

[Standard / Quick-Dry]
(Special Modified Epoxy Resin Paint)

Ballast Tank

[Standard / Quick-Dry]
(Special Modified Epoxy Resin Paint)

On-Board Maintenance

(Special Epoxy Resin Paint for Wet Surfaces)

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