As a total solution provider in information and communication industry

The Electronics device division consists of a network of companies that are headquartered in Japan, Korea, China, U.S., and
Taiwan, each of which has R&D functions, manufacturing/processing functions, marketing functions, and supply chain
functions, and offers increased value to customers as an interlinked corporate group. By supplying total product solutions for problems involving everything from elements and raw materials, mechanical facilities, and processed components, to nished products, Electronics Device is committed to continued growth as a service provider highly valued by its customers.


Information processing, which began with the digital revolution, has evolved into Information and Communications Technology (ICT), thereby creating a new communications environment.
To realize a next-generation ubiquitous “anytime, anywhere and with anybody” society characterized by ICT, we will continue to pursue new ideas and make advances.

Electronics Device Division Director Keizo Higuchi


Overseas Network that Supports Manufacturing and Distribution

Okura Chem-Tech has formed a group network mainly in the FPD device and optical-fiber industries. Drawing on the actual results and characteristics of each specialty field, we established a system to promptly address and support customers’ business opportunities. We allocated primary plants in East Asia and Southeast Asia to ensure the stable and speedy supply of our products. We also realized worldwide marketing by installing a marketing base in the United States as our gateway to the world.

■Inquiry in an Electronics device Division■

Telephone:+81-6-6441-7721/ Facsimile:+81-6-6443-1806
Person in charge : Keizo Higuchi